Cut-to-pack Nigeria

We proudly produce nets ‘Made in Nigeria’, a country that carries almost 30% of the global malaria burden. We operate a long-lasting insecticidal net (LLIN) manufacturing facility in Aba as part of its commitment to localise production in malarious regions. The facility is established in partnership with TANA Netting’s contracted manufacturer in Nigeria, Rosie’s Textiles Ltd.

Market and community benefits

Our Nigerian factory is a player in the local LLIN market, which the Nigerian Ministry of Health estimates to be in excess of 30 million nets each year. It also gives the local community access to valuable employment opportunities, and the workforce has the chance to learn important transferable skills that can improve future career prospects.

Local production, highest standards

The factory operates on a cut-to-pack principle, whereby treated LLIN material is shipped in bulk to Nigeria from our manufacturing base in Lahore, Pakistan. It is then locally cut, sewn, packed, stored and distributed to beneficiaries in the country. This allows us to meet specific local needs more responsively and effectively while retaining control of the core processes such as chemical treatment through our engineers and laboratories.

Power of partnerships

Director of TANA Netting Rune Bosselmann explains the importance of this collaboration, that was launched in 2017: “This partnership allows us to deliver on our promise to produce high quality mosquito nets locally, fight malaria, ensure to maximize the development potential of aid funds by also providing local employment and technology transfer. I’d like to thank our partners who helped us to launch this project, particularly Nigeria’s National Malaria Elimination Programme and the Malaria Consortium, without whose technical assistance this project may never have gotten off the ground. Also a thanks to The Global Fund for the opportunity to hit the ground running, and to our local partners Prezzo Shed Investment and Chief Nnamdi at Rosie’s Textiles.”