DawaPlus® 4.0

Long-lasting insecticidal combination net

In addition to the new DawaPlus® 3.0 product, we also offer the DawaPlus® 4.0 long-lasting insecticidal combination net using patented insecticide technology to improve nets efficacy.

Designed specifically for regions in which mosquitoes have developed resistance to pyrethroid insecticides, the synergist targets the resistance mechanism, allowing the insecticide to be fully effective.

Incorporation of Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) into the entire net

DawaPlus® 4.0 incorporates an advanced PBO netting into the entire net, providing the maximum level of protection.

The PBO is a synergist, considerably enhancing the effectiveness of the pyrethroid insecticide by suppressing the mosquito’s enzyme defenses. We optimize each yarn to release either PBO or deltamethrin. This way we can ensure a proper ratio of the synergist during the lifetime of the net.


Trade Name DawaPlus ® 4.0
Common Name Long-lasting insecticidal combination net
Deltamethrin + Piperonyl butoxide long-lasting (incorporated) insecticidal net             
WHOPES Status WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES) Interim recommendation 2017
Specification Requirements Test standards
Active ingredient Deltamethrin CIPAC 333/LN/(M)/2.1 (HPLCDAD),
Handbook N, page 66
Deltamethrin Content Roof and sides: 3 g /kg ± 25%;
120 mg/m² ± 25%
Handbook N, page 66
Synergist identity Piperonyl butoxide CIPAC 33/LN/(M)/2.1(GC-FID),
CIPAC Handbook N, pages
111 & 112
Piperonyl butoxide
Roof and sides: 11 g/kg ± 25%;
440 mg/m²± 25%
CIPAC 33/LN/(M)/3 (GC-FID),
CIPAC Handbook N, pages
111 & 112
Wash resistance 20 washes WHOPES/GCDPP/2005.11
Wash retention index Deltamethrin 0.93 – 1.00 CIPAC MT 195
Wash retention index PBO 0.90 – 1.00 CIPAC MT 195
Storage stability 54 ± 2°C for 14 days, <5% loss of deltamethrin MT 46.3.4 (CIPAC/4956/m)
Material Roof and sides: 100%
polyethylene, mono-filament
ISO 1833
Fabrication Warp knitted ISO Standard 8388
Denier Roof and sides: 130 ± 5% Roof and sides: 17 holes/cm²
(not less than16)
ISO 2060 CITEVE 110
Dimensional Stability Maximum 10% shrinkage. Maximum 5% expansion ISO 6330:2000/A1:2008
Bursting strength min. 400 kPa ISO 13938-2 (1999)
Weight 40 g/m² ±10% ISO 3801 / EN 12127
Fire safety Non-ignitable (NI) EN 1102