TANA Netting concludes a successful participation at DIHAD 2017 exhibition

TANA Netting, part of NRS International, has concluded its participation at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development (DIHAD) conference and exhibition, the Middle East’s largest gathering of humanitarian experts. We were proud to have a unique stand that showcased our WHOPES-recommended DawaPlus® 2.0 Long-Lasting Insecticidal Nets in real-life camp scenario, alongside the product range of our sister companies NRS Relief and Enlight.

DIHAD took place from 21-23 March at the Dubai World Trade Centre, with the theme ‘The Impact of Crisis and Disasters on Children.’ During the three-day exhibition, we witnessed several important meetings and partnerships, as well as initiatives, campaigns and events that coordinate joint programmes to alleviate the suffering of children in disasters, conflicts and wars.

We’re sharing with you the event highlights:

 TANA Netting at DIHAD 2017


Fly For Peace campaign takes off with flying colours

One of the successful initiatives we witnessed at DIHAD was ‘Fly For Peace,’ where NRS International’s family-run charity Bilqees Sarwar Foundation (BSF) partnered with DIHAD to highlight the importance of education in emergencies, and to promote peace through children’s creativity. Hundreds of co-exhibitors and trade visitors expressed significant interest in our three-day kite and photo exhibition at DIHAD.

“The UAE Government has been incredibly active in raising awareness for the global refugee crisis and in encouraging actors from all sectors to play their part. The Fly For Peace campaign at DIHAD, in which orphaned Syrian refugee children depict their vision of peace on kites, is Bilqees Sarwar’s Foundation answer to this call. It embraces the value of art as a therapeutic outlet to process trauma. Designing and flying kites is an empowering way of expression among child refugees. It is shown in research that flying kites, in particular, provides a sense of freedom; it represents a life without borders and is a powerful symbol of limitless possibilities,” Oliver Freeman, Corporate Social Responsibility Executive at NRS International, was quoted as saying by the Emirates News Agency.

Front-page headline on The National

The Fly For Peace exhibition has also generated media coverage in the UAE, earning a front-page headline in the March 25 issue of The National, the Abu Dhabi-based English language newspaper. The news report amplified our call for companies to invest in humanitarian initiatives and to highlight the importance of education in emergencies, particularly for orphaned Syrian refugee children.

“We feel an often ignored aspect of emergencies is education in those circumstances. In fact, more than half of the children in UNHCR’s care, some 3.7 million refugee children have no access to primary education,” Mr. Freeman was quoted by The National as saying.

He added that art could play a big role in education in emergencies, and studies showed that it had a therapeutic value.

To listen to the refugee children’s voices behind the creative kite artworks that depict their dreams for the future, watch this video: