DawaPlus® Sandfly Net

DawaPlus® Sandfly Net has a fine mesh of 35 holes per square cm that prevents biting from small insects such as sandflies and phlebotomes. This net is specifically developed for areas with leishmaniasis. The net is originally sand colored to reflect user preference and to ensure a long practical life. It is also available in other colors. Find out more about our partnership with The MENTOR Initiative | Read our blog

Trade Name DawaPlus® Sandfly Net
Common name Deltamethrin long-lasting (coated) insecticidal net
Specification Requirements Test standards
Active ingredient Deltamethrin CIPAC 333/LN/(M)/2.1 (HPLC-DAD), Handbook N, page 66
Content 80 mg/m2 ± 25%
2.3 g/kg ± 25%
CIPAC 333/LN/(M)/3 (HPLC-DAD), Handbook N, page 66
Wash resistance 20 washes WHOPES/GCDPP/2005.11
Wash retention index 0.90 – 1.00 CIPAC MT 195
Storage stability 54 ± 2°C for 14 days
<5% loss of deltamethrin
MT 46.3.4 (CIPAC/4956/m) CIPAC MT 46.3
Material 100% polyester, multi-filament ISO 1833
Fabrication Warp knitted ISO Standard 8388
Denier 75 ± 5% ISO 2060
Mesh 35 holes/cm² CITEVE 110
Dimensional stability Maximum 10% shrinkage
Maximum 5% expansion
ISO 6330:2000/A1:2008
Bursting strength Minimum 300 kPa ISO Standard 13938-2,1999
Weight 35 g/m² ±10% ISO 3801 / EN 12127
Fire safety Non – ignitable (NI) EN 1102
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